I am starting a non-Threadless self project

Over my year of subbing on Threadless the temptation has always been there to try and mimic the styles of those who are much more prolific and whilst i love the varied art styles on here i simply can not pull myself away from clean lines and simple designs. The work of jameses_x being an example of the simplistic style i am attracted to, Whilst the work of Mike Bautista and Melmike are simply amazing i simply can not emulate work like that, all i know is what i know and i am attracted to bold clean lines and simplified colouring.

This may not be what Threadless are looking for but it does not matter to me anymore, I want to create for fun and so i have started this side project, a book titled 101 Facts About Alcohol

Whilst my font work is probably my biggest weakness, I have roped in another Threadless regular to help out with the typography ( They are starting on Sunday ), It was their idea to turn this project into a small humorous book and i am really excited.

Here are the first few designs i have at the moment and i will be adding more as time goes on. Please let me know your thoughts, your favourite drinks and of course any witty notes you may have about your favoured tipple :-)

Here is to clean lines and simplistic styling






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melmike profile pic Alumni

Hey dude, thanks for the shout out, I'm touched. I must also admit, I have a secret crush on jameses_x too. He always seems to pull off the perfect blend of technique and concept every damn time.

This is great what you're doing imo, just doing what you want, regardless of whether it might be commercial, or what they're looking for. Oh, and the cider one's my fave. Keep it up!

mip1980 profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys, tequila is a great shout! And thanks melamine for the awesome support you guys rock!!

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Cool project! It's always awesome to create stuff for fun. Keep us updated :D

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni

these look fantastic ! I love the look of them, if I had a bar these wood make great decor pieces, prints, napkins, coasters !

and I was thinking Mojito because of this dude

mip1980 profile pic Alumni

Keep the suggestions coming guys, it goes without saying that these are on my society6 store, there is a wine one there I am currently reworking. Does anyone know a site where can upload our own designs onto coasters?

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

This is a a great series! Can't wait to see more from you. :-)

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