Duck Dynasty Walk Through

I did one of these a while back and people seemed to like it so since my new design is up- Duck Dynasty I thought I would share a little process.

It starts with me hanging out with the sketchbook, exploring ideas. Here you can see I had my first thought which originally included a little hatch-ling. Felt like it had potential so I drug out reference and started to redraw in a more regal pose.

I decided to get the right fit I would ink this guy traditional with ink and brushes, once that is done I scan it in and separate out the line art. I then color underneath the lineart until I get the desired look.

And there you have it. Any questions I would love to answer and hopefully this guy is worthy of a bit of your time!


Watch this

Looks great but I think the black lines are too sharp. Maybe have it without color or lighter lines.

Ru Chery

wow awesome work! I love to see the process of a design because it makes me appreciate the artist's work even more. Again awesome work!


"Duck Dynasty" is a great name & concept. The artwork is not all 100% though. If this design wont go through, I'd recommend trying it again, sometime later. Rise of the Second Duck Dynasty, or whatever. (: I like the small duck to. Let him get in on it, man!

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