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DESIGN UP FOR SCORING: Please check it out, score it and be awesome! If not, well you are still awesome anyway

Hi everyone! First off I just want to just thank you for even looking at my post. Out of the hundreds of posts out there you chose mine to click on and look at. I appreciate that and i thank you ^__^

Here is the design:

If you like my design please don't be shy and score it and if love it please leave a comment.

Watch this


Ru Chery

Thank you GAZPACHO

Bliss-Machine profile pic Alumni

Voted, really like this one.

Ru Chery

Thank you Bliss-Machine. I voted and left a comment on your design. Awesome work!


jajaj nice one, just voted for it!,

if you help me out with mine, Walking Mountain for the monochromatic challenge that would be great :)

Ru Chery

I appreciate it adrianinked. I voted and left a comment on your design. Awesome work!

Ru Chery

Only 1 more day left!

To all of those who voted and left a comment, thank you so much for taking the time to do it. I really appreciate it. You all are awesome!!

Ru Chery

I just want to take the time and thank you all for taking the time for either scoring or commenting on my design. I really appreciate it. Thank You ^__^

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