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A Fantastic Four Years - Thanks

I just wanted to say thanks to Threadless and everybody who's helped me develop over the past four years.

At the time I found Threadless I was going through a challenging time, both personally and professionally. Threadless was the catalyst which helped fill a huge void in my life and also gave me a kick up the ass to start making things in my spare time. I never imagined that I would be here four years later, still making things, still enjoying it and still learning.

I've been so lucky to be printed, but also feel privileged to have made some great friends, collaborated with talented artists and thinkers, and in the meantime created a tonne of designs I would never have created if I'd not built up the courage to submit here. It's enabled me to learn techniques which help with my job and given me a much needed distraction when life's got too much.

I'm not great at writing this kind of stuff but anniversaries are often times of reflection, I just wished I'd found Threadless sooner!

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Steger profile pic Alumni

Here here! Happy anniversary John. Keep making awesome designs.

nickv47 profile pic Alumni

threadless is better with QBF!

BeanePod profile pic Alumni
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nickv47 said:

threadless is better with QBF!

JIMDAHOUSECAT profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

keep up the great work John and I hope we get to do more collabs together. :)

melmike profile pic Alumni

Here's to another four years

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni
nickv47 said:

threadless is better with QBF!

Agreed! It's been a pleasure to get to know you, John. :-)

fightstacy profile pic Alumni

4 Years? ..I always think of you as being one of those guys who've been around for like 20.


Happy Threadversary!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

You're a pillar of the community Mr Tibbot.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni
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Thanks you guys, too kind. Stacy, that's probably right in goat years.

melmike profile pic Alumni
mechanicalrobotpower said:

4 Years? ..I always think of you as being one of those guys who've been around for like 20.

Even though I only really started getting involved in Feb last year, my profile says I've been here for over 4 years. I like that, it makes me feel like a big man.

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

Happy Threadversary!!! :) glad to have you apart of threadless community.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Happy anniversary John!!

dnice25 profile pic Alumni

Happy Happy Anniversary dude, you've done great work here!!!

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

awwww you da best john (:

Goto75 profile pic Alumni

Happy Threadversary!

Farnell profile pic Alumni

Well said John, I think we started about the same time and everything you said applies to me to me too, Threadless was my creative release away from the commerical design world and 4 years later I am still here too... and loving it just as much as ever.

v_calahan profile pic Alumni

Happy threadfourversary!!

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