I want to know why not

I'm new. I want to improve myself. I need your advice. I wonder why was not accepted. I just started to deal with the system. I'm trying to figure out.

Watch this

There's a lot going on here. Maybe just work with the design that's in the middle and scrap everything else?


Well, I can't say for sure why Threadless didn't accept it, but I can tell you what I notice about it. I don't know that the concept/idea is. It's a skier, but why? Not all art has to have a concept, but this just seems very random. It is also very basic, which can also be fine, but it's so monochromatic and blah that it doesn't really pop. The triangle in the back doesn't really make sense and I think the overall pattern of the generic snowflakes with the drop shadow is unnecessary. I would think about this more and how you want it to read, then rework it.


I thank you for your suggestions and comments. There's nothing much I can say.

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franco.iannarelli1 said:

I write a little trick: you focused and believe that the design is made not by you but by a stranger. Then imagine you're in a t-shirt shop and ask yourself: "I'll choose to buy this t-shirt with this design?" Do this for every design you are creating helps to improve yourself...

Spot on!

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