Which color?

Watch this

i like the grey one, it goes well with the garbage can


I like the grey and the orange one ;)


I would do grey, orange is my second choice.


I like the grey, also the blue one

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Here's my thoughts

1 & 2: Tie between grey and blue. They both look good, maybe grey looks just a tiny bit better, but grey shirts are neutral and easy to design for. Any design that can work with a color shirt always is a plus to me. 3. Orange - Orange shirts aren't that popular, but I think the dark orange line art works well with the colors and the shirt 4. Purple - colors just don't seem to match on this 5. Green - definitely not this one


I would instantly get the grey one, but if it wasn't an option, I'd pick orange.


I think it really pops on the blue


As a shirt I'm more drawn to the grey and blue. Although I like the pop of the green. Great artwork btw.


grey!!! or blue

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grey or blue

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