Arrested Development parody WIP. help?

does this make sense? should I go through with it? which one do you prefer?
this is super rough, by the way. just trying to figure things out.

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henroid88 profile pic Alumni

I like to think of myself as a pretty big fan of this show. Multiple viewings of seasons 1-3, season 4 twice. This does not read immediately to me. Is there any other way to add visual clues to the characters? I see the hook for Buster but I'm not sure I'd know out of context. Hope this helps, good luck!

NDTank profile pic Alumni

Vertigo, haha. I like the idea and saw the parallel immediately. curious to see how you finish it.

I like the top Lucille but neither Buster really reads as Buster right now to me. I realize you said it's still rough though.

Jake Friedman

I love Saul Bass, I even have this poster in my room! But I still didn't see it until I read NDTank's post. I think it makes more sense if Lucille is the bottom, because that character is falling. Adding that spirograph design will help along with the Arrested Development in that bold hand-written font will make the design infinitely more understandable.

This is a great idea, pursue it!

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

I plan on adding the spirograph later on, or some variation of it.

just wanted to see if anyone would catch the reference. 1 1/2 out of 3 seems aaaalright :s I'll need to work on getting they're likenesses right.

I think I'll go with Buster on top. I can show his hook that way and it would be easier to recognize in that way. I'm lucky both properties conveniently use the same color scheme.

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