Threadless Songs - 35 tracks based on Threadless art. Out today!

Hello there, Threadless. Looking good, you.

I am writing to say that the Threadless Songs 35-track LP has been digitally released! You can buy it right now and it's super cheap, especially given the amount of material. iTunes has it. Amazon too.

Here is the cover. This photo was taken by Ross Zietz in 2008.

Quick backstory on this whole project. In 2006, while working in the Threadless warehouse, packing orders and seeing all of the great art flying by, I decided to start writing short songs for each of the new tees coming out on a particular Monday. No one asked me to. I just did it. The first one I did was for this tee called Blog. Here is the version of that song re-recorded for this album: "Blog". Appropriately, it's track number 1.

I kept writing songs for every single tee that came out on Monday, even having to do one while on vacation! They even started to put the songs onto the product pages for folks to enjoy as they browsed. And then, in 2008, Threadless decided to start releasing twice as many tees every week, and even dabbled in daily releases, so i began to consolidate the art and do one song that represented the whole week of tees. None of those are on this album, but here is one for you to enjoy: "99 Lead Balloons"

Eventually my job grew at Threadless and my time to work on these songs diminished. But we decided to go out with a bang and record a full album of a selection of the songs, most with a full band. So I packed up my tees and flew to Seattle where my friend Chris Common operated a studio. He played drums & bass on the songs. I played guitar and sang. We had guests come in and do little cameos. The home recorded stuff was fixed up. The whole thing was mastered as a double LP of over 60 songs and then...

Nothing. It never came out. People were coming, people were going. There were bigger projects to get to and the LP sat, mastered and ready to go, on my hard drive, collecting digital dust.

Times have changed, darling. Now any old jackass can put up and sell an album online. It was remarkably easy. Eventually I might press vinyl of this. It would look great as a double LP. Gatefold, of course, so you could really get in there and breakdown the cat's expression in the photo. His name is Smith, by the way. There are many more songs to come, but for now, these 35 will suffice.

Take a listen and grab a copy for yourself and 3 friends! I have a ton of pix and vids of the making of this record that i'll be posting all this week. So follow me on twitter, facebook, my site.

Stay fresh and clean, friends! I miss you all.


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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

This album is full of old school Threadless nostalgia. Feels good, man.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

AWESOME and congrats on your Chicago Reader Cover pic. and interview.

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

too awesome!


Just purchased the album. I can't wait to give this a listen! <3

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

these are (no surprises) really good Bob. Selfishly sad you didn't cover any of my shirts..

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

so cool~~!!!!!!!!!

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