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“True Lobe” – Need Feedback Please!!

Hi, I would like to get your opinion on my illustration & design titled “True Lobe”... I'm all ears as I would like to make it work so it stands a chance.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

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I like the construction but I think the idea is weak. The human figure looks like a brain not a lobe. It is not clear the message why the skull has a human figure in the brain


True Lobe = True Love?? To clarify, these are 2 design variations, the one on the right includes a title. Regarding the message, I simply wanted a rendering of a woman's body to resemble a brain.

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I'm not sure an image of the brain translates readily to love. I'm somehow going to ideas like evolution and gender roles ... love just doesn't come to it very easy. Sort of pretty, but confusing. Adding hearts might work to connect the idea of love, but I don't see it working visually.


Wow... I feel quite disappointed after all the time I devoted on this rendering honestly :( Thanks so much for your comments, need some time to think*

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