Crit wanted


I joined a couple of weeks ago and started working on some patterns.
And... I think it's time for some merciless criticism.

Here's 3 of the shirts. One of them looks like a skin disease, the other two look a bit washed out, and the other one a bit too grid-like I guess. I think I want to experiment making the patterns less rigid in the future.

Would like to hear what you guys think.
Also, how do you guys like to start off when you design patterns?

Would love to hear from you.
Thank you!

Modular : YBP
Modular : Kiki
Modular : YG

Watch this

All of them are way too simple and don't look very appealing. Patterns like yours never get printed unless they stand out from the others and your designs don't particularly stand out. Spend more time perfecting one pattern rather than churning out a bunch.


Thanks. Ok point taken. I am spamming a bit. Do you mind pointing me to some patterns that you like?

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I think Gazpacho is right. Theres very little life or energy in these patterns. They are inoffensive but boring. You should take a look at Lidija's work, Anna Deegan's and even this dude:

Your colour palettes are weak and the shapes aren't interesting enough. You should push yourself harder to better things.


Thanks for the speedy replies and references. I'll work on it.

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