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Finally Finished That Facebook Cover Photo!

FINALLY!?! Amirite?

Check out/"Like" the page, comment on some actual art I made, or tell me how pretty I am when I wear that special hat.

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If you're making your own letterforms and want to make them thicker without rebuilding them, you can add a stroke around it. In that panel you can choose to have the stroke be on the inside, outside, or center.

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I like to expand from top left ...I also shift the x height ever so slightly down


I have stick letters so I increasing stroke with on the inside didn't work :(

I'll keep in mind for future letters though


Ugggh, that was a waste. Spent 2 hours figuring it out to find that it didn't look that great. Logo design is hard work for me I guess.

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Are we allowed to see the wip? :3


lol not sure if I have it, it was a long night. I'll check when I get home and post it if I do. I was having trouble with proportions on the whole thing.

I'm basically trying to make a facebook cover photo and nothing filled it up correctly.


Figured I try this: (minus the background)

There's a lot of cool tutorials here


Quick question, some of the tutorials on the site above use CS5 instead of what I have (CS6), what are the major differences that could affect my art

For example the tutorial used Live Trace and had more options in the menu box VS. CS6's Image Trace that has less.

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