'I Listen to Heavy Metal' - critique wanted

Hi everyone, I've just designed this t-shirt and I'm looking for some feedback. Considering the theme, is this something that you would wear? What do you think could be improved? Would you prefer different colours? All feedback is welcome!

Watch this

Art isn't very good and the type is horrible. Also the interaction between the headphones and the stone doesn't really work. This appeals only to a certain group of people so I don't think its for threadless.


Yeah. Not the best font choice, and though it says heavy metal your headphones are jacked into a concrete block.


The Idea is certainly there, execution isnt quite on the mark but keep going and you'll end up with a great piece in the end!


What I see: the fonts (whatever you choose) shouldn't be over the wire; apart of being a concrete block (not metal) it has no perspective and the letter of the weight is not according with the block. But I have to admit that I like the idea, because I love heavy metal, so keep working!

PS: obsviously, if you check my designs you'll see tons of mistakes like this and worst


It's "heavy metal" but you have a stone weight. maybe you could combine barbell weights with the earphones. I'm not sure if you need all the type let the image do the talking. Some of the most successful designs are suggestive, subtile, or use innuendo.

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