Threadless ROYALTIES are awesome! WOW!

I received my Threadless royalty payment.
Thanks a lot THREADLESS!

Watch this

wow how much? and what percent do you get, wow?

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I'm just waiting to get 20 more printed designs... _


Ooooh that's good to hear! Well done for killing it!

parallelish said:
[+duracell-] said:

we need some figures here

why? what do you care?

I'm just curious. Can't I be curious? I assume its more than the usual 2k, or no? Really I have no idea since people won't say.

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you receive 10% of every shirt sold, but asking for a specific dollar amount seems kinda personal.


A specific amount wasn't intended. But knowing its 10% at least helps me to guess, thanks.

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Nup, it's not 10% of every tee, it's either 3 or 10 depending on the situation.

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yeah the royal tees are cool and all, but there are other colors i like better

Pez Banana

Congrats! i've been away, did they change the payment/reward scheme, so it's royalties instead of $2000? i'm too lazy right now to go search :P

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In a nutshell: There are several tiers. The regular print is still $2000 up front but if it gets reprinted often enough you start earning 3% royalties from the 2001st unit sold. If you get $500 up front you earn royalties from the 501st unit sold and onwards.

In the other end of the spectrum there is the print on demand deal where you only get royalties but it's 10% from every unit sold.

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I was surprised by how much I got considering my small collection of designs that aren't even that popular. It wasn't much, but it was definitely more than I expected!

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I got nothing.. kind of sad that my thor design didn't sell 100 shirts in 4 months.. oh well...

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Herculoid said:

I got nothing.. kind of sad that my thor design didn't sell 100 shirts in 4 months.. oh well...

I read somewhere that the royalties roll over to the next quarter if the total doesn't reach a certain amount. I'm not sure how reliable that is, but this could be a reason why some people haven't gotten anything.

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Hmmm, I've heard nothing so I guess its the long wait until the next quarter. I'd forgotten bout the royalty side of things, nice one Threadless. The prints that keep on paying.

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Cool! Congrats! I've been happy with the checks I got from my Made collection - definitely not equal to the $2,000/shirt...but time will tell and I'm always surprised when the check arrives :D

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