My 2014 designs thread - Broken pending

I decided to make this thread to keep track of all designs I submit this year of 2014. My goal is to reach 100 designs submited wich is a huge step up in production. If I get one print I'll be happy but would be awesome to get 3. I know it's tough but I'll try my best to make some good designs.

I also noticed that the scores number dropped and when I make threads in the blog the number of people scoring seems higher.
Feel free to leave a comment or whaterver. :)

I'll keep the scoring designs on top and I'll post the images on the comments. I have 0 designs up now.

Broken will be up soon:

Watch this
rskinner1122 profile pic Alumni

your stuff looks great! I bet a print is right around the corner for you. Keep at it!!! :) Great style for sure!!!


Very nice! Black Tree is my favorite.

filgouvea profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys! Daniel, I'm trying to make one of your ideas for the collab work but im havibg a hard time. Don't give up on me, I'll make it work eventually.

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