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Promote Designs! I'll comment/score your work in return

Hey guys!

This is my first time posting on threadless and I'm not sure how it all works yet. I'd love to get some feedback on my first submission:

Science Rules by Katie Mazikins

Score/comment and I'll return the favor!

Watch this

[Wrong mouse]2



haha, cool one, scored)

just go ahead and score my piece, make him lil bit happier ((:

Depressed Donut


Commented. Hope you resubmit your Bill 'Science Rules' T shirt it's wonderful.

My first design is up for scoring would love some feed back and a vote if you feel so inclined. Thanks!


hi all, please comment on my design. :)


Here's my design...Hope you like it, score it and leave a comment..Thanks!


My new design is up for scoring, check it out if you have a minute. Thanks!


Hi Ya'll I'd appreciate if you could help me out a little by voting on these two designs I got up!

Thanks so much!

Bike Style

and La Cult


I was just asking my self how the hell am I going to get 1000 rating lol.. so this is my first submission ever [For those who wanted a skull Tank-Top]2

And this is my second one [Big Bad Wolf]4

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