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Flappy Bird - Suggestions Welcome

Was recently declined for submission and was advised to seek advise on the forum. I was thinking about changing the type to "Don't Worry, Be Flappy" instead (alternating Orange and Green text on two lines).

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Watch this

I'll go over why I think Threadless declined it (incoming criticism) -

It's a classic example of "Would you pay someone $2000 for this"? The answer is probably going to be no. Why? Because it's just too uninspired for Threadless. Threadless does host a lot of pop-culture designs, but they usually have a decent amount of thought and cleverness poured into them. But this isn't even your own work/interpretation of Flappy Bird - it's a simply cut/paste. It brings nothing new to Flappy Bird, and you're basically trying to jump on board of a hype train.

Consider this - Flappy Bird is a short lived viral fad. It grew fast, and it will die fast. Remember Farmville? It was HUGE back in it's day but now it's totally obscure. Who's going to want a Flappy Bird shirt from Threadless in a month, or several months? There are other shirt sites that have huge following for things like this, such as Shirt.woot. It seems much more suited to be a joke-of-the-day design on a site like that than a permanent design in the Threadless catalogue.

Like I said, there have been successful pop culture designs on Threadless from artists who add a twists or something to the idea. If you want to do a Flappy Bird design, why not do an original reimagining of the content? The game is notoriously hard in it's simplicity, and is the reason it's so addictive. Perhaps draw something up that comments on the difficulty of the game?

Anywho - there's my tidbit on why they probably declined it. Good luck!


fly through two pipes punch noise Game Over



Yeah... Put it up on Redbubble if you want to try to cash in on this now (and there probably is a ton of shirts like this already). But by the time Threadless would actually print it nobody would care about Flappy Bird anymore.

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