Freedom monochrome concept - typography advice?

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Thinking about this for the monochrome contest. Any feedback on the inclusion of typography, and orientation of either the word or image would be appreciated.


Draw the type.


Draw the typography, don't use someone else's font.

joshthecartoonguy said:

I found a hand-drawn font. I also sized up the pencil drawing.


Try not to use the text that way, try typing in landscape and then rotate the entire word. Maybe you could add details at different levels of shade of the same color.


I introduced some highlights to give his face a bit more life. All still in the same hue.

@gasaavedra, I already drew the words in this orientation, but I can easily re-rotate them in photoshop for comparison. I'll do that tomorrow though…class early in the morning.


I insist in a different presentation of the text :P


gasaavedra, I got it, just needed some time. I didn't think I'd like trying to read it this way, but I think it's still legible.


I'm not feeling the word. Without it the face looks random, but right now it feels tacked on. I think I'll just return to the digital drawing board and draw around the face. Maybe that'll give me inspiration on working in the word in a way that relates more.


you gotta just try drawing it mate. it'll flow with the image when you allow your hand to sync the two elements. plus it'd be a shame to sully a well-crafted portrait with a computer-limited font. kind of defeats the depiction of "freedom"


I would place the text below the guy


I second that...below the portrait. Alongside, I feel it competes with the head.

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