"CINDERELLA"---give me some critiques

Hi everyone!
I'm planning to upload this design, and I really love to see it printed on a tee, so i want it to be perfect. That's why I ask you all for your critiques and opinions. Thanks in advance :D

Watch this

I prefer the dark bg to give it pop. I'd worry about Disney copyright, but this may fall under fair use for purpose of parody. I don't spend much time looking at the balcony, but when I do, the perspective seems a tad off. Like a flat image was distorted with a photoshop tool to mimic perspective rather than drawn in perspective. I think the figure and text are excellent, the idea is gold.

One thing about the text, it could be read as "God, Ma, I'm going to be late" as opposed to "Godmother, I'm going to be late." Texts are notorious for being hard to read, but maybe "g ma" would be an alternative.


Threadless won't go for this because it is too close to the Disney art. You might save it until they have a Disney challenge, where they have negotiated a legal agreement with Disney.

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