Tommy and his Robot ready to scoring ! :D You can also Promote your design here

Hi Guys,
this is my submission for The '90s Are All That Contest. my artwork is about Tommy from Rugrats series driving his battle robotic stuff :) , hope you like it and really need help for your score. You can visit my submission here -->

Cheers !

Watch this





great Rugrats u got here. hope u win


I liked the design, but am too late to score! Good luck with it hey x

This is my first attempt at a Threadless Challenge so I'm gonna need some help with scoring! So far, it's been mostly my mates scoring and I would totally appreciate some public love too! Will defo return the critique. Thanks in advance!


Hi Ya'll I'd appreciate if you could help me out a little by voting on these two designs I got up!

Thanks so much!

Bike Style

and La Cult

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