minor hiccup with my new design!!!

How do I convert my designs from a piece of paper to a Photoshop file?
I find the entire process very hectic and at times impossible. Is there any method to move my designs from my drawing sheet to my pc screen?
Thank you.

Watch this

The only way is to take a photo of it or scan it. You gotta make it digital. The hard part is making it a usable design in Photoshop. I have used photoshop for my photography so I had experience with it. However using photoshop for design is a whole different ball game. I use illustrator to convert and complete my design and photoshop to construct my submission.


Scan it in and redraw as vector in illustrator?

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I would say that is a fairly large hiccup in the process. Scanning or photographing the image would be the way to go. Unless the art is the right size and looks super amazing on paper, you are going to have to redraw it in Illustrator (or another vector editing program) or in PhotoShop (or another photo editing program).

Personally, I sometimes redraw in PhotoShop or use the original scanned pencil work. I used to draw exclusively in Illustrator from pencil drawings but I found it too stiff and overly time consuming. If I work directly from pencil drawings I start with a 14 x17 inch piece of paper so the drawing is bigger than necessary; it always better to go to large than vice verse.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck and we look forward to seeing what you bring here.


I am new to illustrator but will try it. Thank you all for the help.

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