Need help for the title and some tips and tricks about my work.

Hello Threadless people,

i just want to ask for your help about my work. all comments and criticism are welcome. need also suggestions of the title.

thank you

Watch this

brown and orange and red on black is ugly as shit, mang.

also, lol @ 5 legs



chuck p comics said:

lol that's the chicks leg ryder

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chuck p comics said:

lol that's the chicks leg ryder

In his defense, she's obviously wearing bull hoof boots...


You have problems with color combination, maybe, I think you have to take a color pallet ,before you star to paint.


Try lifting the image off a black background as it impairs the other colour qualities and also, red & green often clash in quite a harsh way, perhaps a different green tone would balance it out. Personally I don't think the tombstones/backdrop fit in; could it look better without a backdrop? The bull's perspective looks a little off, more like a cartwheel than a 'buck'. Try arcing the hind legs so that they are curving back down to the ground? sorry if I haven't made a clear point, I guess more study into the bull anatomy would improve the overall image. loving the skulls and the rider.

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