My very first submission! Breaking Through Mountains is up for voting! Help me get it print / I will help you!


I just submitted my very first design called 'Breaking Through Mountains'.

It's a watercolour & ink illustration that hopefully will be printed on some shirts soon -

Please be so kind, if you like it - vote it a 5 & leave a comment!
I will return the favour and score your design as well!

Thank you!

Here is the link:

Watch this

Great first submission but I don't think it's print worthy. Great job anyways!


I saw this earlier, easy 5. if it comes out, i'll get it


I like the usage of warm colors on top and cool colors on the bottom as well as the bleeding texture. I'm not good at articulating my ideas in words but I think your design would look better if you keep the bear warm (just as it is) and instead of using patterned black lines you add cool colored mountains at the bottom that preserve that water color look. As to how much of a contrast you want between the mountains and the bear is up to you. Personally, a more surreal approach of juxtaposing the two is something to be considered. Great work.

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

A great first sub! Really distinctive style. My only crit would be that I don't think dark grey is the best colour tee for this design. It needs to integrate with the T-shirt a bit better. Maybe a few squiggly lines breaking out above or a loose representation of clouds or something abstract? Anyway it's scoring well so...


I already gave that one a 5! :) Check out my designs too!

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