Why my last design has got few votes? It's strange compared to other design, I don't understand if I have a views problem. Can you help me? Any suggestions? :(

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I guess it is about exposure and self promotion. Designs with more scores comments are probably down to the following: You have built up a reputation/popularity, have loads of friends/followers here and elsewhere (social media etc) and/or you are very active within the community - commenting on designs and in the forum.

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I don't think the awesomeness of of the community bears any relation to number of votes no your work. Like Rick said, its up to you, not everyone else to promote and push your work.

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You need more friends who give you a 5 or get used to it like I do. Keep thinking a design that you like to do is much more fun.


my experience on this site tells me that isn't a matter of having many friends/followers or being active. it may help you a bit during short time, when you have a design up for scoring, but doesn't help you in a long-term process. what counts is being popular, or you or some design of yours, and for that you need to do things most of the people like. also getting printed may bring you a lot of attention and people to keep an eye on your work, but then you need to keep the quality of it too, which is not that easy.

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Help us to understand by telling us how you go about promoting your design. Do you blog about it, pin it or post it on your Facebook Page?

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To be honest, I don't promote my designs much. Just a post on Society6 with a link, maybe 2 or 3 tweets and a FB post to friends and family. I do invest time here though, chatting, scoring, commenting and generally being a nuisance.

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At the end of the day, if your design is good, people will like it and show their support with votes and comments.

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yeah, ya gotta promote, which i hardly do.

my last design only got around 140 votes, which is still kinda weird i thought.

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Thank you very much for yours suggestions and for considerations. I'm active on the site with comments and I share it on social networks, maybe it's not enought. And surely when I'm printed, I will be more popular. :P


I sometimes wonder if this is a popularity contest or are designs being judged on artistic merit. I think years ago it was more artistically motivated but I'm not sure if it's that way anymore. Threadless wants you to promote your designs because it is free advertising for them. I agree that in the long run your nest of friends and family wont make a huge difference unless your really popular but every little hopeful out there constantly putting a Threadless link on their FB page is great for the Threadless Co.

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