Wanted for cereal murder, critique wanted

Hi everybody,
This is my design "wanted cereal murder" Im looking for any input before I send it in. Any feed back would be great to hear. Even if its as little as a color change or who knows redrawing Ms. Spoon. Anyways I hope you enjoy it and thanks for looking.

Watch this

Art looks kind of rough but the concept is fine. Maybe make the two objects interact more rather than they be standing next to eachother. Also scrap the text.


What if you made it like a wanted poster. That's really the only input I can give. I like the humor, and it certainly has a Portland kinda feel to it. good luck!


Design wise, the compositional balance is off. The spoon, the bowl and the text are all the same size…. Choose which element will be dominant… right now my eye is jumping around too much. So make it more unified. Try over lapping the elements so that they visually interact with each other. Try a slab serif for "Wanted". A wanted poster sounds good. like above.


I agree that a 'wanted' poster might look better. I think the linear layout of the poster would improve the flow of the viewer looking at each object. Perhaps you could even layout the spilt milk like a chalk outline of a dead person on the floor, with the bowl as the head.


Also I'm not terribly font that the objects are all 'face forward' if you know what I mean. Let the spoon skulk or something. If the drawings are going to be 'face forward' then you might as well make it do something like holding up a mugshot ID card thing.


I like the idea... but the approach I think could be different to make it more interesting and dramatic. I would have crumbs of a cheerios and milk inside an outline of crime on the ground. Then maybe groups of police-cheerios around the crime scene collecting evidence. Lastly the focus point of a cheerio making a suspect sketch(spoon). I also like the “Wanted Poster” idea that was suggested.


Good idea but the more common term (at least in America) is serial (Cereal) Killer.


cute idea! I would add some more shadows and highlights and make the spoon look more evil


I would get rid of the jacket, purse and arms on the spoon and just make her with a face. Dont be afraid to add faces to inanimate objects here because that sells! lol

If you just make her face cute yet angry, people will get it. Some shading on the inside of the spoon would be good too.

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