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My first submission is up for voting. I doubt it'll go anywhere, but I would like to learn.

This is my first submission to make it to voting and I don't think it'll go anywhere so I want to maximize what I learn from this.

Think Beyond Binary

Please critique my piece and be honest. I would like to hear from the more experienced, but everyone has a voice. You're all beautiful and I hope to submit better stuff in the near future.

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1 design submitted - Score now!

I think it's cool. I would say that your design pops more on the gray/white background then on the blue. It would stand out more on a lighter colored tee. Congrats on your first sub! :)


Congrats on your first sub headed over




I also like the concept, but in my personal opinion, I think the roman numeral 2 might've looked cooler. None the less, we both are just starting haha and im sure its only gonna get better and better :D

1 design submitted - Score now!

Congrats on the sub. It's a cool idea


I dig it, actually. Good start, for sure.


Looks awesome! But I feel like it needs another element. You could mess around with adding more numbers or some hand drawn elements. None of this is right or wrong. Just brainstorming.

If you feel so inclined, I'd appreciate some feedback on mine.

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