"The Penta-gram" Need ideas, critics and opinions! :)

Here is my second project, it's about 5 gram weights which make the "PENTAGRAM"! Earth, Air, water, Fire and...A kinda Eisner Spirit xDDD. I find it a good idea. This is just a bad sketch, I know that I have to improve its design, lines and color. I've just posted here to know your ideas about it. :)

Other options I have in mind are:

1- To draw the pentagram lines with the nature of each symbol (earth with a path of trees, rocks..fire with...FIRE of course (it's always cool), AIr with wind trails, Water with a river and spirit with its tie)

2- To put them all on a precission scale giving 5 grams as a result.

All your suggestions, opinions and thoughts will be great!

Thank you in advance :)

Watch this

Should I go on with this? :P Or characters are not good enough? Well, maybe I have to improve it first and then put it here. Anyway,..today I start holidays :P I'll work in it when I return. Hope finding some ideas after a couple of days :)


Yes do :) not really sure what this is all about just yet so can't really comment.


i didnt get the idea of the design, you could more specifics forms and colors to simbolise the 5 elements


YEs, you're right. It has to be improved :) So it will be improved :P

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