Have we got a cheater?

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cheating or friends or a global and awful shift in the taste of America's youth - I can't imagine that would be printed.

mitchloidolt said:

cheating or friends or a global and awful shift in the taste of America's youth - I can't imagine that would be printed.

All of the above!

melmike said:

how do you know they're not just her friends?

Mmmmm, I don't know. Some of them may be, but I doubt I could get that many of my friends to make an account just to vote for one design.

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Doesn't seem like cheating but that 5's to 1's ratio is insanity. Maybe just super good publicity.

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420, hell ya


Probably legit. She's got a website, galleries n stuff.

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jeffreyg said:

420, hell ya

You know wus up!!


very interesting. Well It's possible to get a lot of friends to vote! I literally just joined with my first design and I messaged all 400 of my friends and told them to vote haha it was wayyy too much work. But all possible during my last week of winter break :p


i wonder how much self-loathing goes into all that gushing.


seriously?? over THAT?

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Nearly every single account that commented had been created in the week that it was up for voting. Coincidence? :P


Hello, I would agree that most of the account were created the same week that I joined the design competition (it's not a coincidence.). But you have no idea how many times I have encouraged people to vote for me. I have over 500 annoyed friends on my facebook that sees my post almost everyday for 7days. I told my friends to re-post my design.

The comments were also silly, because it was created by my niece and her friends. I do not want to be called a cheater, but if that's what Spamik think, well then too bad. I can't force him to believe me. For those people who supported me and voted. Thank you. I appreciate it very much.

What I do not appreciate is, there is a page here on threadless, reposting the design i worked hard for and hear bad things about it. :( thats sad.


Well you know, cheating does happen. People will steal other designer's art, create tons of fake accounts and stuff. When something looks wrong, it's usually a good idea to bring it to staff attention as they can see if accounts are legit or not. That's better than bringing it up in the design comments, no? Good thing that these accounts were legit anyway.

Another thing: scores don't really matter, Threadless makes their own decision in the end. Designs in the 2.5 can print while lots of 3.5-4 won't. Next time (hope there's one!) better invest your effort in the design rather than promotion! Good luck =)

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ivanrodero said:

This made me snort laugh - HIGH 5

and 1065 votes with that many fives, this smells fishy.

oh well all it really got this artist is the stink eye from everyone. way to enter the site.


It's a nice design, but the numbers seem really out of the ordinary. I also have to ask, why were so many people using caps, that was bizarre?


Haha, Love the Drew pic!

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