New designer, don't know where to start

Hey everyone! I'm new to this site and would welcome any advice. I have had a tad bit of experience with design, however that limited experience is in silk screening. I have drawn out simple designs, but have never used any kind of computer program to change it up. My biggest question I guess would be, do you guys use a program to manipulate your design?

What should I be looking at for this?


Watch this

Where to start? Sketch. And then sketch some more. Til you have that great idea that everybody wants to wear. Than continue to sketch to find the perfect composition. Then scan your image at a high resolution and create the final version with illustrator/photoshop. Or gimp(free) to put your art on a shirt. Or create a breathtaking piece of art without the computer and slap it on a template. Don't look for scores or prints but stay here to learn and develop your skills. If they are not awesome already. If they are, stay for the cake.

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Yeah draw until your hand hurts. Look at loads of stuff that you like and drink it all in. Try Tumblr and Pinterest, they're pretty good for image-gorging. And then like sausage-moe said, scan it and make it digital so you can put it on a t-shirt. Youtube is a magical place for tutorials for that kind of thing.

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