Need some critique on this design!

Hello. My name is Iggy, and I am twelve years old. Below is one of my designs that I recently submitted, and would like some critique on it!

Hide and Seek-

Any Ideas on what I could do to make it better?

Watch this

Just saying, I would ask for critique before you submit...but I do like how you incorporated real life elements into the design. I think the sign is a bit small and would scratch that but I also can't imagine this looking good on a shirt. Good luck!


Hey that's a pretty cool collage!

Here's some pointers for improvement: mostly, a tee isn't a framed piece of art, it doesn't have borders! So images cropped into a rectangle don't work so well on tees, we call them 'boxy designs' and that's not good. That's why as GAZ says, you should arrange your composition on a tee.

Next important thing: we call that 'concept' and you'll have that word thrown at you all the time here. It means your design should mean something, tell something, show something, make fun of something, or whatever. Here, it's not really clear. The title is 'hide and seek' so I guess the guy wants to hide behind a tree and the tree objects? But I'm not sure and I'd never guess without the title. I think you should redo it with just the hide and seek idea, or maybe have some forest animals who want to play too.

Another thing, copy-pasting those trees was lazy! If you love to design (you do, right?) why cut the fun? Just make them all different! Also the cutout basic brush isn't very nice. You might do the actual cuttings on paper and scan them afterwards instead.

Good luck and have fun!

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