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My Simpsons Prize!

So a couple weeks ago I got a big box in the mail with my Simpsons Prize stuff.

I got the 15 seasons on DVD, an ipad case, an iphone case (I think for a 4 as it doesn't fit my 5) and an awesome little note from Jeff :-)

I didn't get any of the other prizes mentioned for some reason (clock, skateboard etc). I was going to ask Jeff about the other stuff but then all the staff lay offs happened and it seemed like really bad timing to be whining about where my prize is :-|
Maybe later.

the DVDs are pretty sweet though and most of all I think I love my little note that tells me I'm awesome.

So far I've only spent my prize money on the £50 fee UK customs hit me with to get this stuff delivered (bastards) and a £65 parking fine (again, bastards). With the rest, I'm debating buying a mac or putting it in my baby's saving account (and yes that is her cot I took the photo in!)
I really want a mac but I also really want to look after my baby girl so maybe I'll be responsible about it and whack it in savings for her!
Ah, the joys of being a parent!

Thanks again Threadless! (by which i mean awesome threadless staff, and awesome Threadless community)

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Buy a Mac "for the baby" and use it as a teaching tool for her ;)

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Yeah, don't bother with the baby savings account, she'll only squander your hard saved cash on teenage crap when she gets her hands on it. Think of the sleepless nights, the poop cleaning and then anxiety that faces you over the coming years. You deserve a Mac, hell you deserve a dozen Macs.

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Awesome (buy your baby a Mac )

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This is awesome and you totally deserved it :-)

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awesome!! well deserved!!!! :-D

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Dang! I hope you really like the Simpsons. That is a shit ton a swag.

I hate those bastards too.

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So much Simpsons!

Maybe buy you a Mac and then save whatever is left over? :-) Baby still has a ways to grow.

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congrats! I bloody hate customs as well :(

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Sweeet Simpson Stuff.. i mean dope.. dope simpsons stuff

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The rest of the prizes are currently on their way to Threadless from Fox, so we'll get those out to you soon. They took a while to wrangle! Sorry for the delay!

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karaed said:

The rest of the prizes are currently on their way to Threadless from Fox, so we'll get those out to you soon. They took a while to wrangle! Sorry for the delay!

I think Jeff has been practicing on your skateboard.


Congratulations, Great parent to put your prize money in your kids savings, u got some good Karma coming your way.


savings won't pay

get the Mac

..or buy weed stock


cool stuff btw

I wish more people would post pics of the goods.

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Wowza! Great haul!

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Ah, thanks karaed - good to know! I know you guys have way more important stuff going on at HQ so didn't really want to nag. And plus, I did secretly think Jeff was bombing around on my skateboard ;-p

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so awesome!

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Congrats again well deserving! Jeff did mention his new skateboard lol

The Paper Crane
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The Paper Crane said:

PS. soon I will be testing you on which episode this was.

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