Changes done!! (Flattened too)How it looks now?

I present this to you :P. Not pro, but proud of it. Any suggestions will be great. Hope you like it !

Watch this

Hey, yes I've used photoshop auto shadowing :P. I do have it with flat colours I'll change it right now and put it here.


Removing the shadows on the cat helped a great deal. I would toy around with the bevel/emboss on the stars as well. Maybe try removing it to see if that helps. Cool concept though! Hope this helps.


Thanks :) I'll try that and then I'll submit it as my first one. Hope it pass the threadless standards :P


They are some tough standards, but for good reason. Getting rejected sucks but it builds character (I had the last two designs I submitted denied) so just keep at it and look at some of the designs that were printed for a better grasp of what they expect.


Yes, I think so. It mustn't be easy, but I like it. Here in my country we had an humorist who told this joke:

  • Do you like to play poker?
  • Yeah!! I Love to play poker! It's really cool!
  • Have you ever won?
  • To win must be awesome!!

The first condition is that I like to be here and I enjoy to show and learn from all of you even my designs are rejected. I find the idea of this site really good for people like me, who aren't designers but we like to do different kinds of stuff. And it's a good way to practice english too. :P. So, I hope being here for a long time, and learn and meet a bunch of diferent opinions and people. I think It's worth to try it. :)


Thanks, I agree with that :) Next time I'll try to do it better. Working on it. See you soon. Thanks again for your words of knowledge and opinion ;)

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