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Ok so I feel that the year 2014 is goon be a good one for me. I have found my style and I'm ready to run with it. Within in the last month or two I have submitted designs here and have gotten some pretty decent scores. I would like to start updating my society6 site with new products and designs but I'm lost as to what i can and can't do. Most of my newer designs are challenge submit ions and I have found out winners yet.Should I wait or what can i do. Please help. Thank you guys for your help! Rose

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so my understanding is I can put designs that are new here up on my society6 site as long as its not t-shirts? If I get a print I just have to take the t-shirt down? or wrong?

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I was about to post this same question. I'm more concerned about the timeframe of when we can submit artwork to society6. For Threadless challenges, I noticed some of the rules are very strict on submitting designs through other outlets (e.g. TMNT). Anyone have any suggestions/advice for what and when we can upload artwork to other sites once it's time has passed at Threadless?

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well looking on society today I noticed some designs on there that are currently up and scoring right now on thread less so I assume its fine to submit as long as its not t-shirts till after 90 days if no print.


"You may not use the Design for any commercial purpose (e.g., sell or license the Design, or offer to sell or license the Design) for ninety (90) days after the date of submission to Threadless.com. Once ninety (90) days have passed, if the Design is not chosen for print by Threadless.com, you are free to use the Design for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Should this occur, you shall not use the Threadless.com blogs to promote the Design or the company using, displaying and/or selling the Design. You further agree not to use the Threadless.com blogs to promote the products and/or services of any company that compete, in whole or in part, with Threadless.com. Threadless.com reserves the right to choose your design after the (90) days have passed, on the condition that the design has not been used for any commercial purpose."

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I'm used to upload every design I put on Threadless on Society6 (even the special contests ones), exept on t shirt. I upload the t shirt version on S6when I'm really sure Threadless don't want the design.

An answer from Jeff or someone who knows would be great though!

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yep, you can totally put stuff up on S6 on everything except tees. If they happen to pick it and want you to take it down later they'll let you know. it won't be a problem. As far as I know everyone does it.

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I heard that things had changed fairly recently concerning the relationship between Threadless and Society6. Wondering if that has an impact on whether the designs subbed in active Threadless Challenges can still be subbed at Society6 like they once were. Would really be good to get a definitive answer from Threadless Staff.

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