Changes At Threadless HQ

I just made one of the most difficult decisions in the 13 years since Threadless began. As a result of this decision, I had to let many of my friends and colleagues know that they no longer have a place here working at Threadless.

Over the past few years, we've experimented with new and exciting ways to create meaningful, game-changing opportunities for artists. While some of these initiatives worked really well, others did not. Today, we stop working on some of the projects that weren’t clear winners. We know now where we need to be investing our time and effort, and I believe these are the key projects that will propel Threadless forward.

Looking ahead, we aim to provide the best place in the world for artists to share and monetize their work. We’ve made more progress this year on our platform than we have in many previous years and will continue to raise the bar on creating the best experience possible for artists and their supporters.

Here’s a gigantic thank you to those we've parted ways with today. I know they’ll all go on to do amazing things and I can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work at Threadless. On behalf of everyone here at Threadless, I also thank everyone in the community for the continued support. These are the moments that define us and we couldn’t do it without all of you.

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Joe Conde
Joe Conde profile pic Alumni

Whoa that's heavy news, man. I guess it's just another chapter in the book of life. Good luck guys!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Very sad to hear. I hope all that were effected find new and exciting things. (I'm so out of the loop on who was let go.)

MudgeStudios profile pic Alumni

Wishing those that were laid off the best of luck. Creative people will always find a way to make the best out of things. Wondering what is in store for the rest of us?

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Jake (or any of the staff) the store closed for good too?

moosabman profile pic Alumni

Tuff to hear. I hope everyone involved can get a strong foot moving forward.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni
Mr Rocks said:

Jake (or any of the staff) the store closed for good too?

Chicago retail store is closed.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni
alexmdc said:
Mr Rocks said:

Jake (or any of the staff) the store closed for good too?

Chicago retail store is closed.


Farnell profile pic Alumni

Really rubbish news - tough times out there. Good luck to everyone that is leaving.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

This is disappointing to read.

Lot's of good people at Threadless, but business is business.

I've been laid off twice in my lifetime from jobs that I cared about and enjoyed, usually due to mismanagement and then lack of funds, so they "release" a bunch of people. When I worked for one company, the parent company got bought out by a capital gains group. These schmucks sent us a video of the CEO sitting by a river with a polo shirt tucked in to his khaki shorts. The bastard sat there and reassured us (via video) that he looked toward the future and understood that our company was built by us and that we had families, ect.... Well, he still axed everyone. The sting sucks, but when you land your next job, it just gets better.

However, the climate cultivated by our government with legislation like NAFTA is steadily destroying America's middle class. Furthermore, many companies are struggling right now and decent jobs that actually pay fair wages are few and far between. That doesn't mean they don't exist.

I wish everyone the best off luck.

tomburns profile pic Alumni

Dang! Well, i guess no satellite store for me to run here in phoenix then! :(

I have no idea who was let go, but I'm sorry to hear that, I met alot of the really cool folks in person back in 2006 at the Threadless Xmas party, but many of those hooligans had already moved on years ago now. (festa, jefferey, harper, jacob)

Shimala is still there right? He's like the tall, tall face of threadless!

Jake is the man though, and I guess the main idea is keeping the focus on the submitting artists, and that seems like a good focus to me, but it has to be a bummer to lose a dayjob that has a pingpong table, arcade games and beer taps in the office. Good luck pilgrims!

soloyo profile pic Alumni



That's a major bummer. I wish the best of Luck to all of you.I don't know any of you personally and iv only been on Threadless for a little over a year but it has changed me as an artist and a person in general. Threadless is a Great and amazing company filled with great, amazing, helpful and kind staff and artists. I thank you all and wish you all the best luck and hope everything ends up working out great.

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