Changes At Threadless HQ

I just made one of the most difficult decisions in the 13 years since Threadless began. As a result of this decision, I had to let many of my friends and colleagues know that they no longer have a place here working at Threadless.

Over the past few years, we've experimented with new and exciting ways to create meaningful, game-changing opportunities for artists. While some of these initiatives worked really well, others did not. Today, we stop working on some of the projects that weren’t clear winners. We know now where we need to be investing our time and effort, and I believe these are the key projects that will propel Threadless forward.

Looking ahead, we aim to provide the best place in the world for artists to share and monetize their work. We’ve made more progress this year on our platform than we have in many previous years and will continue to raise the bar on creating the best experience possible for artists and their supporters.

Here’s a gigantic thank you to those we've parted ways with today. I know they’ll all go on to do amazing things and I can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work at Threadless. On behalf of everyone here at Threadless, I also thank everyone in the community for the continued support. These are the moments that define us and we couldn’t do it without all of you.

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spacesick profile pic Alumni
Oh no. Good luck, all!
Wharton profile pic Alumni
Woah! What happened? Good luck everyone, all the best!
TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni
:-( That's sad to hear. I hope it wasn't too many people!
v_calahan profile pic Alumni
Wow sad news… Not an easy decision indeed… best luck to those going!
mezo profile pic Alumni
Sad tears, yo.
Ryder profile pic Alumni
oh no, that's too bad. wish all those who were let go the best... it's a tough economy out there right now.
sigh. hugs to everyone!
celandinestern profile pic Alumni
good luck y'all. You guys are almost like family in some weird way. Hugs and stuff!
BurritoGoblin profile pic Alumni
:( sad to hear this ~ hope everyone finds a new place to do great things
Good luck everyone and hope you stick around!
ir0cko profile pic Alumni
really sad to hear this. good luck to all.
Dang that's not good, With this news I wish everyone luck on their future endeavors I wish you nothing but the best and hope it turns around for the better.
A huge salute to the guys and girls who are leaving. Honestly wishing you all the absolute very best. Thank you for making the Threadless experience what it was.
blackhand_ profile pic Alumni
Man, Godspeed to all you guys. I'm a week into unemployment myself.
:( Best of luck to everyone affected by this.
DontCallMeBlanket profile pic Alumni
Sad to hear that. Seems like you have a tight group there so I'm sure it was especially painful. Best of luck to everyone let go. Threadless has a pretty high profile so it will no doubt help having that on your resume.
Wharton profile pic Alumni
celandinestern said:good luck y'all. You guys are almost like family in some weird way. Hugs and stuff!
THIS. I haven't ever spoken to 90% of you guys but, I love coming to this site, I spend more time here than I do with my real life friends. Thanks for all your hard work and contributions to making this such an awesome place.
fightstacy profile pic Alumni
I'm sure those affected will no doubt find something awesome what with their talents and coolness. Best wishes to all, those leaving and those who have to see their friends move out.
ivanrodero profile pic Alumni
Awww maaan, that sucks... but crisis is a good cradle for awesome so I hope the best for everyone... and I also hope that the shock is not to strong. Love you all.
mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni
:( best wishes for everyone that's leaving. here's hoping for our morale to get a speedy recovery and for a future that makes up for today.
briancook profile pic Alumni
Oh man...sounds like it hadn't been the best of days for anyone. I hope everyone the best :(
This is rough news. I can only hope that the staff who are leaving go on to do things they enjoy, best of luck to you all.
rhobdesigns profile pic Alumni
This news can't be more heart breaking. I was saving for my trip to finally visit Threadless and meet the super cool Threadless staff, now what just happened? Can't believe it. :(
mip1980 profile pic Alumni
I am speechless!!! I hope we can all continue to hang out here as one giant family and good luck to all those unfortunates that have left :-( You guys will ace it at whatever you do next
bykai profile pic Alumni
One of my favourite scene when you're all at Threadless HQ together, doing anything fun. Good luck guys
It's a long time since I didn't post works here on Threadless, but I'm very sad to here a thing like that on this beautiful site. So sad about it. I wish to all people involved in this change to find their new own ways quickly and positively.
Bramishxxx profile pic Alumni
Man, good luck to all of those leaving. And good luck to Jake and Threadless with whatever comes next here.
MadeWithAwesome profile pic Alumni
Dang. I'd like to muster up something more positive for those that are no longer employed at Threadless, and of course I wish them the best and hope they go on to bigger and better things.....but dang. I honestly don't know how to feel about this right now other than sad. One can only hope in the end this change makes all parties involved stronger.
Kiwihopper profile pic Alumni
All the best to anyone affected. Really tough decision to make, I'm sure it was for the right reasons.
Hope they can find an equally awesome place to work. Good luck people!
ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni
Sad news but I can only imagine how hard is to run such a successful business as threadless and since you don't come across as one of those heartless businessman, I can only imagine how tough it was to make that decision. Good luck to the ones that left and to the ones that remained, I'm sure everything will turn out to be just right in the end!
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