Rejected - Critique needed!!!

My design was rejected. Can someone give me some feedback please?

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the pose of the horse is odd. its legs are in a weird position, and the pattern you added isn't beautiful or even nice, at least for me. it's just something not pleasant to wear, in my opinion. i think you should start creating other thing, sorry.

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Thanks tohellandback, the horse is based on an ancient Chinese sculpture, hence the weird stance. I really like the pattern and got really positive feedback from a few people but I can understand it's not for everyone. I submitted it to PhotographyII, as it's made from 2 photos, but maybe I should try it in general submissions or as you say start something new. Anyone else got a comment for me ... please .... ?

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Thanks jumppuppyjump, interesting comment. The concept is really just the new year but maybe that's too limiting time-wise. Maybe I'll just get back to the drawing board, as they say :)

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