Critique wanted

hello guys

this is my design i call it "psycho pie" it recently got rejected so that i wanted some critique for my design. i wanted to draw a pie that is gangster looking funny and cute.

my submission mockup was the one above

can i get some critiques please

thanks sincerely.

Watch this

the pie doesn't look psycho or gangster at all. if you want to make it cute then make the arms and legs with basic lines instead of trying to make it human. but if you want the human look then had a torso to it because now it just looks weird. i also think you should work in adding some more elements or background otherwise it won't work because isn't clear why a human pie is holding a gun.


anymore ideas guys i need them a lot


well what i wanted to create an illustration

gangster looking cute pie

it was as simple as that actually


my reason of rejection was this

e feel your idea could use a little more work to be up to the standard that will give it the best shot.

"i thought my artwork was good enough as a style"but what can i do to nourish my idea ?


your help is awesome jump puppy jump


Hello guys i was between jo?bs finally got some chance to illustrate what you guys been telling its not finished :) but the composition is more like this now

what you guys think ?


In my opinion it looks much better! ANd to give som ideas, maybe you could rework the pistol as your first (more details) and the wood box is quite different than your character style. Maybe you've thought about it and this is just an sketch (a really well done one).And finally the plate/dish outline should be filled with another color. All of this is just my opinion :P Hope it helps. Anyway, it's better than your first,..that's for sure!

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Clean up the lines (width and make em connect, knee for example, and such) and illustrate the crate (same style) and you've got a nice (pie)ce.


Add tats and bling? lol


guys i went to this direction

but "can you guys give me feedback about the rat on the cases"

does it look different than my character design approach on pie ?

any ideas ?


then i went with this...

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