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design help "papercut"

hi, i recently tried to submit a design for the photography challenge and it was declined.
here is the picture i sent!![

i was wondering if the problem is just the design itself (which in that case-cool,ill just try to be more accurate next time), or maybe it is because of technical issues (the size of the picture on the t-shirt, the fact that the jacket is on the picture, the size of the person on the background image)
for example:
if it was like this-would that work?:

Watch this
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The first presentation is better. It's not bad actually. I like how you integrated it into the shirt using the negative space.


thanks for replying! yeah i also thought the first presentation was better and more interesting. and so i am still a bit confused about it - i wonder what should i improve or change for this design so it could get approved. and generally, maybe you have tips for a starting designer like me in threadless as an experienced designer here, because at least from what i felt-I really liked your designs and style, and would be really happy to hear your opinion.

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Thanks Deborah. I'm not sure exactly why it was declined or what you need to change specifically. In general, the designs that tend to do well here have a central hook or idea behind the concept... whether it's humour, a pun, an unexpected reversal, or a pop culture reference. Have a look at the shirts that have been printed to get a feel for the prevailing style. In the case of shirts that are purely visual, then it's the shirts that are very technically impressive or beautiful that tend to do well.


thanks a lot. you are a really nice person, hope to run into you again in threadless sometime. Deborah .

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