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My collab blog! Now featuring daviisilva, theo86 & sebasebi Collabs!

If interested in a Collab email me at darzola72 (a) gmail dot com**

Daniel Arzola aka goliath72

My 2013 blog has my other collabs!!

My Stuff-2.18


Up for voting

Sebasebi collab- tree of knowledge

Daviisilva collab - TEA-REX

Theo86 collab- enter the TARDIS

Past collabs

Bykai collab- dance with the devil-3.03

Daletheskater collab- the sandman-2.80

Daletheskater collab-- Ryu-sing of the sun - 2.81

barmalisiRTB collab- Peanut Butter & Jellyfish-3.21

Ralphloy collab- villian witch- 2.53

Polysciguy collab - Zack Taylor's Hip Hop Kido Dojo - 2.38

ndrue182-Power unite - 2.71

Ndrue182--summon the strength -2.74

Krisren28 collab- Donut break the law2.88

Theo86-green ranger -2.36

Gintron collab- My dance moves are a fire hazard-3.04

Beanepod collab- Its Morphin Time-3.03

Demented collab- Solar Upkeep-3.36

Far max collab-milk mustache -2.23

Fathi collab-Sometimes I just want a salad-3.12

Kristen collab-cool cat-2.86

Morkki collab- tighty whities-2.93

Zayedforsale collab-clowns

Beanepod collab-k.c koalas

Davidburoe collab-flounders-1.91

Theo86 collab -trolls

Past collabs

barmalisiRTB- fire hazard-3.25

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus collab-green hills gherkins -3.03

BubuSam collab- dragon labyrinth-3.30


choubaka360 collab- attack on the moonrise kingdom

Cpdesign collab- polar beer club -2.79

Chuck p comics collab- disappearing act-2.01

Nerrik collab - zombies, 100% recycled humans

B7 collab-laughter

Julero Collab- conquer of caturn-2.88

Herculoid collab-SKILLS-2.88

Steveorama collab- adult piƱata -2.78

Badnobe collab- awkward years-2.55

Oliverdemers Collab-dark reef-2.30

Mantichore Collab- Sweet Death-2.33

Leroy_Hornblower collab-Text Message In A Bottle-3.13

Madcobra collab- ultimate panda-2.42

Milan_ collab- gator snack-2.69

Polysciguy collab- it can from the laundry room-2.42

Oliverdemers collab-smoking hot -1.98

Raulio collab remake 101 tattoos -3.32

Los tomatos collab-Cracked Moon-3.75 (highest score for 2014)

Oliver Demers collab- omen in space-2.01

SteveORama collab chuck beagle-2.47

barmalizer collab- shark tank-2.64

Moutchy collab chewbaccoat-3.29

Bokien Collab not all robots are bad robots-3.59

oliverdemers collab- dark space-2.71

Joe Conde Blood stain-2.77

Pyne collab-the Sea & The Sky-3.62

BlancaJP- dandelion -3.01

Chuck p comics collab-adventure memories-3.03

BlancaJP- kitty dream cake-2.97

Monochrome frog collab-super hippies-3.00

rua_bloodrust collab- The Golden Archer3.20

Nerrik collab-Its a-me Calvin?-3.30

Nerrik collab- darth chocolate -3.21

Fathi collab-Open Sesame Bun -3.25

choubaka360 collab-Need For Speed-3.23

Theo86 collab-rockos tee-2.92

Nerrik collab-[downtown cabby][11-2.8]

Daviisilva collab-trouble with toasted comics -2.99

Theo86- friendship2.87

oktomanuba collab-reptar-2.93


Milan B collab- Baseball Bats-2.80

mechanicalrobotpower collab-beer run -3.28

Altair4445 collab gold diggers -3.17

Ellygeh collab-frankendog-3.06

Nerrik-I Hate When Aliens Invade My Space-3.02

![enter image description here][24
Joe Conde collab-POPsicle-3.01

Joe Conde Collab-Rise Of Skaro


V.calahan collab-Surfing Werewolf-2.95

1/16/14_EffinSweet_ Collab- Guardians Of The Night-3.46

Other Colors

1/2/14-Nerrik collab zombies 100% recycled human - 3.42

1/2/14-Theo86 collab pipe dreams 3.27

1/3/14-Cpdesign collab polar bear club- 3.27

1/1/14-temyonsky collab train tracks 3.25

1-22-14 Milan B collab-not so bald- 3.22

mip1980 collab

- 3.09

1-13-14tatilus Collab- Hot Couple- 3.08

XAVE COLLAB-Pussburger- 3.01

XAVE COLLAB A Hidden Tiger- 2.96

1-14-14- 7Ninja Collab- Brighter Future- 2.92

1-16-14-EffinSweet Collab- Just Call Me EMO-2.81

1-13-14-Ronin84 Collab-Growth of the legend- 2.81

GRANDR Collab-Death Among Beauty-2.79

1/16/14-nerrik collab-2.74

1-22-14 Nerrik collab- silent treatment-2.70

1/16/14C0y0te7 Collab- Zombies Best Friend-2.55

Nerrik collab-opposites


Theo86 collab- booze on first-2.32

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Looking forward to more awesome work!

goliath72 said:

Pending ronin84 collab it's awesome!!

Do we get a preview? ;)


Good start to the year!

soloyo profile pic Alumni
goliath72 said:

Ronin84 collab pending...

WOW Spoiler blog material

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