My collab blog! Now featuring daviisilva, theo86 & sebasebi Collabs!

If interested in a Collab email me at darzola72 (a) gmail dot com**

Daniel Arzola aka goliath72

My 2013 blog has my other collabs!!

My Stuff-2.18


Up for voting

Sebasebi collab- tree of knowledge

Daviisilva collab - TEA-REX

Theo86 collab- enter the TARDIS

Past collabs

Bykai collab- dance with the devil-3.03

Daletheskater collab- the sandman-2.80

Daletheskater collab-- Ryu-sing of the sun - 2.81

barmalisiRTB collab- Peanut Butter & Jellyfish-3.21

Ralphloy collab- villian witch- 2.53

Polysciguy collab - Zack Taylor's Hip Hop Kido Dojo - 2.38

ndrue182-Power unite - 2.71

Ndrue182--summon the strength -2.74

Krisren28 collab- Donut break the law2.88

Theo86-green ranger -2.36

Gintron collab- My dance moves are a fire hazard-3.04

Beanepod collab- Its Morphin Time-3.03

Demented collab- Solar Upkeep-3.36

Far max collab-milk mustache -2.23

Fathi collab-Sometimes I just want a salad-3.12

Kristen collab-cool cat-2.86

Morkki collab- tighty whities-2.93

Zayedforsale collab-clowns

Beanepod collab-k.c koalas

Davidburoe collab-flounders-1.91

Theo86 collab -trolls

Past collabs

barmalisiRTB- fire hazard-3.25

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus collab-green hills gherkins -3.03

BubuSam collab- dragon labyrinth-3.30


choubaka360 collab- attack on the moonrise kingdom

Cpdesign collab- polar beer club -2.79

Chuck p comics collab- disappearing act-2.01

Nerrik collab - zombies, 100% recycled humans

B7 collab-laughter

Julero Collab- conquer of caturn-2.88

Herculoid collab-SKILLS-2.88

Steveorama collab- adult piƱata -2.78

Badnobe collab- awkward years-2.55

Oliverdemers Collab-dark reef-2.30

Mantichore Collab- Sweet Death-2.33

Leroy_Hornblower collab-Text Message In A Bottle-3.13

Madcobra collab- ultimate panda-2.42

Milan_ collab- gator snack-2.69

Polysciguy collab- it can from the laundry room-2.42

Oliverdemers collab-smoking hot -1.98

Raulio collab remake 101 tattoos -3.32

Los tomatos collab-Cracked Moon-3.75 (highest score for 2014)

Oliver Demers collab- omen in space-2.01

SteveORama collab chuck beagle-2.47

barmalizer collab- shark tank-2.64

Moutchy collab chewbaccoat-3.29

Bokien Collab not all robots are bad robots-3.59

oliverdemers collab- dark space-2.71

Joe Conde Blood stain-2.77

Pyne collab-the Sea & The Sky-3.62

BlancaJP- dandelion -3.01

Chuck p comics collab-adventure memories-3.03

BlancaJP- kitty dream cake-2.97

Monochrome frog collab-super hippies-3.00

rua_bloodrust collab- The Golden Archer3.20

Nerrik collab-Its a-me Calvin?-3.30

Nerrik collab- darth chocolate -3.21

Fathi collab-Open Sesame Bun -3.25

choubaka360 collab-Need For Speed-3.23

Theo86 collab-rockos tee-2.92

Nerrik collab-[downtown cabby][11-2.8]

Daviisilva collab-trouble with toasted comics -2.99

Theo86- friendship2.87

oktomanuba collab-reptar-2.93


Milan B collab- Baseball Bats-2.80

mechanicalrobotpower collab-beer run -3.28

Altair4445 collab gold diggers -3.17

Ellygeh collab-frankendog-3.06

Nerrik-I Hate When Aliens Invade My Space-3.02

![enter image description here][24
Joe Conde collab-POPsicle-3.01

Joe Conde Collab-Rise Of Skaro


V.calahan collab-Surfing Werewolf-2.95

1/16/14_EffinSweet_ Collab- Guardians Of The Night-3.46

Other Colors

1/2/14-Nerrik collab zombies 100% recycled human - 3.42

1/2/14-Theo86 collab pipe dreams 3.27

1/3/14-Cpdesign collab polar bear club- 3.27

1/1/14-temyonsky collab train tracks 3.25

1-22-14 Milan B collab-not so bald- 3.22

mip1980 collab

- 3.09

1-13-14tatilus Collab- Hot Couple- 3.08

XAVE COLLAB-Pussburger- 3.01

XAVE COLLAB A Hidden Tiger- 2.96

1-14-14- 7Ninja Collab- Brighter Future- 2.92

1-16-14-EffinSweet Collab- Just Call Me EMO-2.81

1-13-14-Ronin84 Collab-Growth of the legend- 2.81

GRANDR Collab-Death Among Beauty-2.79

1/16/14-nerrik collab-2.74

1-22-14 Nerrik collab- silent treatment-2.70

1/16/14C0y0te7 Collab- Zombies Best Friend-2.55

Nerrik collab-opposites


Theo86 collab- booze on first-2.32

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Looking forward to more awesome work!

goliath72 profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone hope the new blog makes it easier to scroll I've put a link to my old blog incase anyone want to look at the other awesome collabs

goliath72 profile pic Alumni

Hope so in crossing my fingers really surprised out budget cuts or or no jan stars :(

gebe said:

Great score! I can see a print in your near future Dan

goliath72 said:

Pending ronin84 collab it's awesome!!

Do we get a preview? ;)


Good start to the year!

soloyo profile pic Alumni
goliath72 said:

Ronin84 collab pending...

WOW Spoiler blog material

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