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I just posted my first attempt at designing patterns and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! One was pretty easy to do and the other was a nightmare, but I love both of them and thought I would create a bit of a process blog to promote these designs...

Splatter Dots

First as a test and to famiIarize myself with designing a pattern I did a simple take on the classic Polka Dot with a twist. Inspired by my 3-year-old daughters preschool bingo dabber art creations. So I got a big sheet of paper and several colours of bingo-dabbers and we just went nuts making splat-dots.

Then I scanned the best sections of the sheet at a high-resolution and made the image B&W in Photoshop.

Then I cut out the splats I liked best, adjusted their colour and using a 8x8 canvas with a grid (but often eye-balling thing due to a splats unbalanced shape) laid out the pattern. Within the 8x8 tile, no 2 splats are the same.

Here's how it ended up.

Ant Farm (Genera Atta)

I had this idea ever since I got this great book last Christmas on hand-drawn patterns called Over and Over by Mike Perry.

First I did a mock up of the tunnel system as a repeating tile in Illustrator.

Then using my tunnel template, I went to work on illustrating the elements I wanted to include in the style I wanted with good old pen and paper. I wanted the tunnels to have a stippled look, the ants to be kind of cute (because I experimented and found realistic looking ants made the design feel creepy) and even though I knew I would be cutting the leafs up into piece I wanted them to come from a whole. When it came to the fungus gardens I did cheat and use Photoshop to create their look using brushes because my hand was Check out the Lytro pic below (yes... I'm showing off my new Christmas toy).

Then I opened the different elements in Photoshop and colorized them before layering them into the tile. There was a lot of fussing with the layout and colours (it actually looks really good in B&W too) but I'm very pleased with the end product which I had hope would look like army camo from a distance and a National Geographic diagram up close.

Here's how it ended up.

Thanks showing interest and reading through this blog! If you have any question or comment I'd like to hear them. And even more important if you love these designs (Ant Farm | Splatter Dots) please score them and leave a comment!

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The polka dots look great!

thegoodpope profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone! I like process blogs but had never put one together myself... I think they help people come up with new ideas and methods for designs.


I love both of these patterns. Nice job!

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