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need help with submission guidelines and assests

This is the first time im uploading something to threadless. I want to participate in the photography II contest... here is my image... i would love some feedback and constructive criticism please:) how could i make it better?

So i want to upload but i have no idea how to do anything from the submission guideline and assets

Create a high resolution version of your design. Keep your layers separate.
Create a 72 dpi flattened copy of your design.
Download a template of your canvas below.
Drop your flattened copy onto one of these templates or create your own.
Your submission should be 1200 pixels wide, 1200 pixels tall, and 72 dpi.

can anyone give me a detailed explanation please!? im so new at this, i have no idea what to do:s

Watch this

In a nutshell, save your work as a .png or .jpeg and put your work in the provided template and either set the resolution to 72 dpi or 300 dpi. Then save the final mockup as a .jpeg in the highest quality and submit. If you need anymore help just ask! Good luck.

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