• by skaw
  • posted Jan 02, 2014

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I'm going to make the effort to write even more music in 2014!


Also, I'd love to participate even more within the Threadless community to help others with their artistic endeavors, as well as make more friends along the way!


I really wanna do more photography and even some painting. I wanna have enough artwork so maybe at the end of the year I could have an art show. I'm also writing some music right now to put together an EP and at least one music video. And of course, lots more designs on Threadless!


I need to learn how to use Illustrator without yelling.


I want to participate more in the Threadless community and keep a good clip of designs submitted!

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I am going to submit more to threadless in 2014, enter as many contests as I can and keep on improving with my shading and highlights as well as perspective.


Draw Draw Draw and Dance Dance Dance!

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I've been here for 5 years and just 11 more designs and I'll have 400 designs to date submitted on threadless so maybe my resolution should really be to sub less..;)


I really want to do my first collab this year!


I want to make more art quilts this year

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Threadless goals: submit at least 20 designs this year (compared to last year's 12). Get 2 non DTG prints. Win a challenge. Art Goals: Do more handmade things. Doodle more. Screenprint my own shirt. Surprise friends with art in the mail. Submit something to an art show.

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Get back on Threadless and get caught up on my 20 Designs Before 2020 goal. Heck, might even try to exceed it.

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I hope I can make another design that people will like it as much as my Maths one. ^_^

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I want to work on my hand drawing skills and just be a better illustrator in general. Sub about the same as last year (about 45 isn), just keep on keeping on.


Start making art again :)


Will create more, sketch more, doodle, and subimt to threadless (for the first time)!!! Already have my idea just ready to be shot down! :DD

Just kidding, it could get printed you never know...


I want to find a creative job like a new opportunity to cooperate with awesome people wherever on the world ...and for sure more doodle and threadless submits :]


My Art-Related Resolution is to enter as much contests as humanly possible. It's time to get back to my nature and draw, illustrate and create awesome work!


I want to draw/doodle every Monday!


These are some of the goals I've made for myself recently :]

--I want to actually work at improving my art, and stop coasting on what natural talent I have.

--Start fewer projects, and complete more of those I start.

--Make time to learn correct (more efficient) ways to use my art software.


Master my new Wacom and make a doodle every morning.


i want to illustrate and complete my Swirly Cat- Collection....and
inaugurate my new Watertank Brushes, and paint more with acrylic and finally use my new Pastel Pens for the long planned Pin Up Collection.....phew, that's a lot..... at first my Cat Collection :)



I'll try not to miss a deadline for my Pardon my F*** project! My goal when I started the blog was to post a new illustration every week, it's been generally ok but I did skip a few weeks :S I did notice an improvement in my work over time though, so it'll definitely help make my art better in 2014! So hopefully, get a design printed this year? :P

ps: I would love to hear what you think about my blog :}


I want to become a better actor and singer. I have a crazy busy schedule for the amount of plays I'm in this year, so I should improve a lot!

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lxromero said:

Im gonna try to make something cool every day

Do it.

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  • start painting again.
  • new fresh website.
  • work for Threadless :) AKA be closer to Jeff *wink
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campkatie said:
  • start painting again.
  • new fresh website.
  • work for Threadless :) AKA be closer to Jeff *wink

These are mine, ..but mine is to BE Jeff *wank

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