Girl, books and mice HI everyone! I really need comments everyone!!!

Hi everyone, here is another illustration I had thought about for kids. Feedback is very much appreciated! thanks!

Watch this

I like it! If you could somehow have the girl 'pop out more' would be more effective - I feel as though she gets lost! Otherwise, it is looking really good!


Awesome.. I think you are right about popping the girl out more... I'll have to see how to do that.


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Mock it up becaus we can't see how it would look on a tee, it's well done illo but that doesn't mean its going to work on a T-shirt. ;^)


first thought: PERFECT. on second glance, the girl might look a tiny bit Mickey Mouse-like, so maybe give her pigtails or braids instead of round buns directly on the sides of her head with small red bows? also..maybe round out the head a bit, so it is more in proportion to her torso and limbs (in other words, her body is not very anime toddler cartoony, so maybe her head shouldn't be either?) otherwise, my first thought: PERFECT. don't touch anything else.


mmm not sure if I can touch the head hands on, I'll see about doing that in photoshop, will see about the hairdoo, I actually hadn't thought about it as mickey mouse but now that you mention it I can't stop seeing it jaja, Thanks a mill Mongoose,

And everyone else thanks! Your comments are really helpful!


really cute, I would just address the feet, they look a bit contorted. If your having troubles with them try with socks or slippers.

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The illustration is really well made, but I don't know how much this can work on tee :(


Hey guys!!!! thanks so much for the feedback! still working on how I can correct the feet since it's a watercolour original. I think the printing on a T is an issue so I've opted for iphone cover!


Awww... those mice are adorable!!! <3 Also good job with the water colors, I've been struggling with them for a while :) When is up please let us know so I can vote for you <3

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