What should I do before I submit this?

What should I do with this idea before submit it? The concept is finished but I'd aprecciate any tip to improve its quality. All your ideas and comments will be great!


Watch this

hi. i always liked the concept but i think you can spend some more time working on it. did you work on separate layers or on background itself? when i look at it i see some lines that don't belong to the design, as if you were erasing something. also you can be more clean about it. for example on the tail of the cat theres colour that passes the lines.

the stars can be more white and shining and you can add some more little ones to fill better the free space. the jetpack needs fire coming out of it i think, or the idea is that it's just floating like an astronaut? then you could remove the jetpack. also work on the lightning, giving shadows and highlights, maybe a strong contrast on it will give more life to your whole work.

it's easier to critique other person's work than mine, so sorry if it's too much but you asked for it :p


Hi tohellandback, Yes I did it on background itself, and now I see what you're telling me. Yep I should work on separate layers. Ok, I'll work again, I'm here to learn and nobody said it was easy. I really appreciate direct and concrete arguments which I can deal and work with them. One more question, woud you use illustrator or photoshop vectors? or working on separate layers will be enough? Thanks for your time.


i work on photoshop but use the software you like the most, if you do hand-drawn just make sure you work on separate layers.

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