No time but lot of ideas for photography II challenge. What do you think about them?

A lot of ideas to do, and few time to do them...But anyway, here I show you some photos I did some time ago that may fit in this photography contest. Do you find them interesting or too weird? And in that case, which do you llike the most? If you want I can post bigger images. Thank you.

Watch this

I answer on my own when I've seen the miniature t-shirts :P


to be honest i don't think any of that works, at least for me. mainly because i don't want to wear body parts that belong to other person. and also you have a problem with rectangles instead of blending the photos into the tee.


Hi tohellandback, yes maybe you're right. These were some ideas I thought they could work. I've put them in a simple way, just to know what they suggest. Anyway, If you have time and if you want, take a loook to my lunar mice chacing Cat :P I like to read sharp opinions like yours. You gave me the first idea to put some more mice peeping out of the lunar holes. Take a look and feel free to say what you want about it. :)


i like them O: particularly the first and second. but maybe you should try to fade out the edge of the picture of the first one? play around with shadows and colors? see if it works out?


It can't just be a great picture. It has to work on a shirt. Keep that in mind, good luck.


Hey, thank you all. In these moments I dismissed them. Maybe I'll work on it later :) Now I'm still working on my first design. And with the little time I have... I must go on step by step and very slowly. Thank you for your comments :)

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