How come?

MartinRognoli and bruno.somoza created their accounts 2 hours ago, but they did submit a design for "Draw your wish" challenge, that ended yesterday. I also submitted a design for that challenge 2 days ago and I still have no answer about it. How is this possible?

Watch this

@ - i know it must be a bit confusing but those are username of people. if you go to their profiles you see they have fresh new accounts but already have a design up for scoring.

@ Milan B - that's a funny and great gif! :D

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Maybe it was denied and you never got the "sorry" email? I never get emails about submissions so that might be it.

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I've had designs authorised 3 or 4 days after submission - sometimes it just takes a while. Especially around christmas. Also what @JordanLBender said could be true, maybe check your email preferences?


i always receive the emails and i haven't yet. but my point is not the time is taken to get an answer but the priority given to the other people.

tohellandback said:

but my point is not the time is taken to get an answer but the priority given to the other people.

i'm pretty sure jeff doesn't decide to ignore you on purpose, just saying, i usually have to wait for my designs to get approved too. remember, threadstaff are people too, and therefore cannot sit at a computer 24/7 waiting for you to submit something so that they can approve it.

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I don't think threadless gives priority to those 2 artists. Just be patient man, we also like to see your wish.


maybe sometimes subs take more consideration, such as when a copyright is in question or something. maybe or maybe the dog ate your sub? ;) i don't know really. just try to be patient.


i didn't send an email but created this thread instead because i thought someone could clarify me on this, in a faster way. i know staff members keep an eye on forum so would be nice to get an answer from any of them.

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been there done that! I'm guessing it's the busiest time of the year for them so just to keep yourself from worrying you can send an email to make sure you get an answer. Otherwise you 'll have to wait it out! lol!

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