HELP for the finishing touches! =) Being chased by greens!

Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate feedback!

Thanks , I'll try and get a better quality pic up soon.

Watch this

i'm green & i can't understand u. :) i just can say: you're illustration is so nice,but sorry i found it's more possible and reasonable if phantom of an animal follow him! (attention:that's my opinion as a vegetarian)


Althought I like vegetables, I find this idea cool and greatly executed. Maybe the boy seems to be frozen instead of running or freaking out. But probably it's your idea to show him being stucked inside that nightmare. I envy your colors!


Thanks guys! I love veggies as well. The idea popped into my head when I saw my baby cousin fed greens, and the look of absolute disgust was adorable, but the bet part was when he actually waited until someone gave him a recipient to spit it out.


What about adding more peas or vegetables? and then you can also make the expression of the boy more horrified.


yeah I was struggling with the expression, in the end I aimed for the oh shit... I'll play around with adding more veggies. Thanks!

kristerpelly profile pic Alumni

I think you'd really benefit from thickening the arms and legs of the pea. You should make him super ominous (if you decide to keep him). The facial expression is going in the right direction but I think scale and under lighting would help a lot.

Perhaps even change the vegetable to a broccoli? Seems easier to successfully scale and is a vegetable that is easily understood and recognized from a distance

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