[Newbie] Can someone please help with template?

I'm new to this (and Photoshop) so right now I'm trying to put my design on the template, the background and the shirt. But I forgot to put the color of the shirt as the background color for the design but I don't know how to.
Every time I fill the background of the design with gray, the white parts of the design get filled also, how do I prevent that?
Also, I have absolutely no idea how to put the design onto the background and shirt. I'm really confused and lost so can someone please tell me how to do this?

Watch this
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make a new layer and fill that with the color you want for the background, then in your layers tab put that all the way at the bottom (or right underneath the layer that has your design)

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oh oh oh i see the problem now. if you want those specific parts to be white you need a layer with white for those parts, right now they are transparent. I think thats the problem


Yeah they're transparent. er, so I would have to color over those to make it white? I just filled in the gray and started erasing over, would that still work? http://postimg.org/image/8ed12f5rb/

So after this how do I put it on the template? '~'


Are there any guides that I could see to help with the template?


stop for a minute and share what's your work about, because i don't understand. i think you may have a lot of work ahead you before submitting that.

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