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Help with finishing touches! =) Being chased by greens!

Watch this

I like the concept and the design especially the curly hands and legs of the green monster, I think you should digitize it. and then ask for opinion again coz then you will find what you can add and what you can remove from the designPlease critique my design too


Maybe the greens should be more leafy, like lettuce or turnips or whatever ...
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I really like your style & coloring! I think it would be nice to add some more vegetables :)
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A different text or no text.


His face doesn't show any fearful expression haha


I kinda wanted the oh shit expression...


I think the tendrils and text should be green, and have a tendril catching up with him, wrapped around his ankle.


Ooo BothSides, I like your idea of the tendril around the ankle.


I'd like it more if the legs had about the length of the mouth of space in between them. They don't look exactly right coming from the same place to me.


I mean the legs of the green thing


I like the vegetable face....:D!

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