Pandamask: Threadless Girly Leggings

Pandamask: Threadless Girly Leggings

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Can you make it with a sloth face? That would be awesome too!


Just got these in the mail and they look fantastic. :3 The print feels sort of chalky, so putting them on felt a bit unpleasant, but they are super cute.


Does anyone know what are the measurements for the different sizes?

roman numeral five

I had contacted Threadless in regards to leggings sizes and this is their reply:

Front Rise -- S=8 / M=8 1/2" / L=9 / XL=9 1/2"

Back Rise -- S=11 3/8" / M=11 7/8" / L=12 3/8" / XL= 12 7/8"

Inseam -- 25 1/4" for all sizes

Waist (relaxed) -- S=11 5/8" / M=12 5/8" / L=13 5/8" / XL=14 5/8"

*These are half, so to get the total waist circumference just double these....we're not making apparel for elves...

I ended up buying large and they fit perfectly, even after washing XD


I got a small (usually get medium in T's) and when I opened them I was worried they wouldn't fit. I'm an Aus size 8-10 with short legs and the small fits me well, hopefully they don't shrink in the wash. They do have quite a bit of stretch. The ink on this design is pretty thick and as they stretch it pulls the pattern a bit and you can see the stretch lines in it. I also got crow snake and frog pattern leggings and the ink doesn't seem as thick on them so you don't get the stretchy lines so much. Really cool pattern though, I really like them. Reminds me a bit of wallpaper but that's why I like it! :-)

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